Nigerian popstar, Davido who headlined an event in Cotonou last night, brought his girlfriend Chioma on stage, as he sang the ‘Assurance’ song he dedicated to her on her birthday.
The love act came shortly after the singer showed off his private jet in a loved up photo with Chioma. The photo came with the caption;

Walk it Like I TALK IT πŸ˜‡ !! First trip with my πŸ›© with MY WOMAN !! Cotonu πŸ‡§πŸ‡― We on the way!! AIR OBO TOUCHDOWN!!
Here is the video from the concert in Cotonou below;

Assurance :- Davido brings Chioma on stage during his performance in Cotonou (video)

As Bbnaija's Alex Asogwa flaunt her her nice shape in recent picture she share on her Instagram page for her fans to see her new look 
Alex has this interesting fashion taste as well as the nice physique to carry the lovely clothes.
Wearing a fez cap, spag and body-hugging camouflage trousers, she kept her fans commenting endlessly about how good she looks.
Sharing photos on her instagram page, Alex wrote:
I don’t want the ordinary. I’m not sorry but it’s not just in my nature. #unusual

“I don’t want the ordinary” – Alex writes as she wows in eye-popping photos

Actress shan goerge recently took to her instagram page to share a video from the streets of New York, and she advised Nigerians desperate to travel abroad, to rethink their decision.
Shan George revealed that the hustle abroad ‘na die’ and people who owe rent abroad are locked out within 4 days. She concluded her video by telling Nigerians to never leave their country, unless they are sure of where they are going.
The video from Shan George is coming shortly after Nigerian Comedian, Alibaba who shared the viral video of the American man who advised intelligent people to leave the country on his Instagram, supported the man’s view with past happenings.
The American man who stood for a street chat with a Nigerian man, said all he has heard about Nigeria is that ‘if you don’t open up your pocket and pay everyone from the lowest to the highest, you don’t get anything done’. He concluded his speech by stating that ‘ as an intelligent person, you need to get out of Nigeria if you want to get ahead, because the powers that be wants to hold everybody down; especially women and intelligent people’.
Video below ;

'Abroad na die, don’t allow people to exploit your desperation’ – Shan George advices

The Nigerian Police force has declared nine bankers wanted for stealing various amount of money from depositors of a new generation bank, the police acted on petitions it received from the bank and its customers on the disappearance of a large sum of money from their various accounts.
They include Oshiojum Chibuzor Wilson, Juwon Faromoh, Akanaga Christian, Linda Chekwube, Matthew Akpan, Oluwasoji Ajetumobi, Nelson Omuzagha, Ogunlaja Ganiyu and Adeyemi Omitogun

9 bankers declared wanted for stealing customers’ deposits totaling over N500million

An unidentified lady has taken it upon herself to educate women on what the action to take when their partner cheats on them in a relationship… And this is some unconventional advise.

According to her, the woman should find the error on herself and apologize to the man because she has a fault which the other lady whom was cheated with doesn’t have. So instead of leaving the man, she should understand that fact and work to be a better woman.
She took to her twitter and write:
If he cheated on you, instead of leaving him just understand the fact that u lack something which the girl he cheated on u with, doesn’t. Find out the error in yourself, apologize to him, say sorry to him. Accept it be better woman. He’s innocent and u are the one with guilt. Shut up.

“If he cheated on you, find out the error in yourself and say sorry to him” – Female twitter user advises

Bbnaija's Tobi bakre has reacted to the allegation that he bought fake followers on Instagram.
Refusing to deny the allegation as the twitter user who savagely called him out shared supposed screenshots of the fake Instagram accounts following him, Bakre reacted by acknowledging that his account was tampered with… but stated that social media following has no correlation to success in life.
As a lady identified as mandy🌚 on twitter accuse him of buying followers. 
See her post below

He wrote;
“To whoever tampered with my insta account. Wereva it came from. Good or bad place. Success and happiness in life has no correlation with social media following. So pls ehn. Bt to the people who took out time and resources to be validating such. May God provide jobs for you πŸ™πŸ».”
He decided to drop some nuggets concerning social media… He wrote;
So a few life lessons as regards social media guys. Don’t get hooked.
1. 10 followers who believe in ur goals and want to see u succeed is better than 5m ffwers who are jst watching for ur next move or see wat u r up to.
2. You don’t have to be so into the numbers. Put out content that best relates to who you are as a person and ud attract the great things or people dt wud fit into ur life and also make good impacts
3. Learn to live off social media. Your personal life shud be way more fun and interesting that your social media. Jst had a fun work trip to SA and most of what I did there didn’t get on here. I always say this.
4. Don’t live a lie on social media. One day u will carst and it wud be really bad. Just live ur truth. It’s better not to say or put out anything atal Dan giving a false sense of who you are. E.g. Don’t be thirsty in girls dms and be posting fam picks and attacking men who cheat
5. When you come on here. Don’t judge. Don’t judge people atall. You are not in their lives. U don’t know their realities. And even if u do. U r Not God. Only baba G has the right to judge.
6. Don’t troll. I av seen people troll me and troll friends of mine. And I just laugh. Cos they are so misinformed or far from actual reality. It’s okay to have a perception. +ve or negative. But coming online to curse out someone who doesn’t know u is demonic. U need deliverance.
In life, have a positive outlook. Make excuses for people. Preach love. Make people happy. Trust me the universe will reward you. And if u choose to do d opposite. The universe wud sure still reward u. Or ur generation incase it escapes you.
Pls guys. If anybody comes out having nonsense to say. Kindly ignore totally. You empower what you acknowledge. If you acknowledge stupidity, you are empowering it. Empower positive people. Empower wise talks
See his post below

Tobi Bakre reacts to allegations that he bought fake IG followers(photos)

A 78-year-old Nigerian woman was reduced to tears after her children left her stranded at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.
According to Iwuchukwu Benneth, a staff with the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Ms Benice Ikerionwu’s son was meant to pick her up from the airport but he never showed up and the woman had no money or phone on her, neither could she find her way to her son’s house on her own.
Confused, the elderly lady began crying and a passenger who saw her in distress notified the airport authorities who then tried contacting the woman’s family using the phone number that booked the flight.
They got in contact with the woman’s daughter but she refused to cooperate with them and also refused to give her brothers’ phone numbers.
Iwuchukwu Benneth had to resort to sharing the elderly woman’s photo on Facebook so her kinsmen would come and get her.
She wrote on Facebook:
Please,this 78years woman Mrs Benice Ikerionwu arrived at Lagos Int Airport on Lufthansa airline on Monday 13/8/18 around 5pm and has been stranded there as she had no money,phone nor contact of Relation on her as at late nite that day. She told us that her son Chimezie Ikerionwu was coming from Abuja to pick her on arrival but he was no where to be found as she was crying like a baby when one Bimpe kemi an arrived passenger noticed her and reported to Airport Security and was with her at Tango city and Servicom elderly lounge all through the nite and also gave her money to eat when leaving in the morning.
Yesterday her daughter chinwe Irabor nee ikerionwu was contacted thru her phone numbers got from the Airline as she booked her mothers ticket,but she refuse to cooperate with the Aviation security official who called her by not disclosing her two Brothers living at Ikeja and Ajegunle numbers to him instead she claimed that they had picked and that she slept at the sons house at Ajegunle.please Isiala Mbano indigenes or anyone that knows Chinwe Irabor,Chimezie or any of the Ikerionwus should call them to come to Lagos international Airport and pick their mother who has been stranded.they should come to Tango City and pick her.
See Iwuchukwu’s post below:

Children abandon their 78-yr-old mom at the Lagos airport

Nigerian popstar Duncan Mighty, has come under fire as fans and other music lovers have reacted to a video showing him prostrating to David Adeleke, popularly known as (Davido) in Port Harcourt.
As the "fake love" coroner took to his Instagram page to share the video of him, Davido and other musicians in the studio wherein he tried to prostrate to Davido as well as thanking him for collaborating on a song. He said Davido has elevated him, the entertainment industry in Port Harcourt, and the entire Niger Delta by that act. He also thanked Davido for flying to Port Harcourt with his private jet for the video.
However, while some fans applauded him for the video, others seem to be displeased with Duncan Mighty for trying to, or, even prostrating to Davido at all.
Below are the tweets and reaction from some fans:
– Duncan Mighty is falling the hands of his supporters lmaoooo
– Dont mistaken Duncan Mighty’s humility for stupidity
– Duncan Mighty ‘postrates’ for Davido, says the singer has elevated him, the entertainment industry in Port Harcourt, and the entire Niger Delta, after OBO featured him in a new song. Is Duncan Mighty looking down on himself, does he really knows his worth?
– While we were busy attacking Wizkid’s fans for saying Wizkid’s collabo with Duncan Mighty brought Duncan Mighty’s career back to life, My G is there prostrating just for a collabo with Davido. Game Over!!!
– Duncan mighty (prostrating before wizkid and Davido) low key thinks he is pulling PR stunts. Man dey f**k up and has no one to tell him.
– Duncan Mighty trending πŸ“‰ again. I really don’t know why but I saw Davido and Prostrate πŸ˜Ÿ
– What people don’t understand is Davido flew down to Port Harcourt to feature on Duncan Mighty’s song. And Wizkid paid for the fake love video. Duncan mighty is a boss.
– I think so many people don’t understand what Duncan Mighty said in that video and I really don’t see anything wrong with him prostrating,though I think he shouldn’t have. Duncan might just be a humble fellow
– Kinni big deal? Duncan Mighty is humble, doesn’t make him less of a legend that he is.
see screenshots of the comments below

Fans react as Duncan Mighty prostrates to Davido in Port Harcourt

Big brother naija Leo Dasilva seem to have joined the “Na dem dey rush us” trend in a post he recently made on twitter.
Leo who was alleged to be in a romantic relationship with fellow housemate, Cee-c, made the post which pointed out that ladies don’t go for fine boys like him to avoid heart breaks.

In his words;
“Fine boys like us, they no dey rush us. Them dey fear us because heartbreak.”
See his post below

“Fine boys like us, they no dey rush us. Them dey fear us because of heartbreak” – Leo Dasilva says

A Nigerian female corper took to social media to appreciate her mum who sold fish to sponsor her education.
She shared a photo with her mum and she caotioned it:
“I can never be ashamed of my parents, I love my parents to the moon and back. Momma made me graduate with fish selling. Momma very soon I’ll give you a better tin doing, love you my world best mom”
See photo below;

(photo) Female Corper Shows Off Her Mom Who Sold Fish To Sponsor Her Education